10 Best Gifts for Nintendo Switch Lovers - 2020 Gift Guide

1.  Portable Charger - Nintendo Switch Edition by Anker

A portable charger is the perfect gift for Switch users on the go. Provides an additional 10 hours of playtime (Powercore 13400) / 15 hours (Powercore 20100).

Purchase the Powercore 13400 on Amazon for $69.99

2. Grip Case - by Skull & Co


A grip case provides a comfortable gaming experience for the Switch on handheld mode. Grips are modular and come in various sizes to best fit the individual. Skull & Co are one of the most popular grip cases on the market and come in a variety of color combinations. 

Purchase a Skull & Co Grip Cases on Amazon for $19.99

3. Dock Sock - by Active Patch 

Dock socks are a non-invasive way to add style and safeguard the Switch system from scratches when docking/undocking the Switch from the dock. Choose from a variety of styles or upload your own image to have it printed on to a cover as a unique and customized gift.

Purchase from Active Patch for $12.99-$29.99

4. Game Card Case Holder - by Power A

Most Switch owners have a mix of digital games and physical games. Power A Card Cases can store up to 12 Nintendo Switch game cards and 12 micro SD cards simultaneously.  Cases are compact and easy to take on the go! 

Purchase from Amazon for $12.99

5. Grip Caps - by HORI

Grip Caps are a fun way to personalize Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and protect the analog stick from wear and tear!

Purchase on Amazon for $8.99

6. Playstand - by HORI

The beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that there are so many ways to play! One option is to remove the joy cons from the side of the Switch and utilize the Switch as  its own screen. A great way to elevate the Switch is to place it on a stand for an ergonomic view of game play.

Purchase on Amazon for $12.99

7. Split Pad Pro - by Hori


Some Switch users struggle with the systems current joy-cons due to size and ergonomics. The Split Pad Pro features full-size analog sticks, a precision D-pad, and large shoulder buttons designed for comfort and accuracy, even during marathon gaming session.

Purchase on Amazon for $49.99

8. Light-up Dock Shield - by PDP

Another fun way to dress up the Nintendo Switch Dock is PDP's Light-up Dock Shield. This shield illuminates and stays lit as long as the system is powered on!

Purchase on Amazon for $15.57

9. Game Storage Tower - by Skywin

Complete their game room with this storage tower! Stores the dock, 10 games, 4 controllers, and a slide out drawer for extra goodies. This sits beautifully next to a TV.

Purchase on Amazon for $25.00

10. Nintendo eShop Gift Card - by Nintendo

And last, you can never go wrong with a Nintendo eShop gift card. eShop gift cards can be used to purchase/pre-order digital games or Nintendo Switch online membership ($20/year).

Purchase from Amazon from $5 to $99.99


Active Patch may receive commission for any products purchased through these links

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