How to clean your Nintendo Switch

How to clean your Nintendo Switch

With the plastic, matte build, the Nintendo Switch is a magnet for dirt, oil, and debris! Nintendo advises that we avoid using cleaning solvents (alcohol, sprays, etc)  to clean the Nintendo Switch. Below, we have curated the safest, most effective way to get your Switch looking (& feeling)  brand new!

What you'll need:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth - we will be using this one we specifically made for the Nintendo Switch
  • Small cup of water
  • Cotton swab

Nintendo Switch Screen:

1. Start by lightly cleaning the screen with a dry microfiber cleaning cloth. Drive your cloth from left to right across the screen - avoid applying any pressure. For surface dirt, oil and  debris, our microfiber cleaning round can clean your Switch without the need for water or scrubbing.


2. If you would like a deeper clean, lightly dab the cleaning cloth in your cup of water. Gently wipe off any remaining debris.Follow-up by using the dry end of your microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe any excess water.  Please only lightly dampen the cloth as water can damage your system. 


3.  Fold the cleaning cloth and use the dry end to clean the area where the joy-cons slide in.


4.  Repeat steps 1-2 on the backside of the system. On any smaller areas such as speakers, use a dry cotton swab to clear out debris.




1. Fold your cleaning cloth in half and insert on the side of the dock. A gentle swipe will wipe away dust located on the bottom of the dock.



2. Run your microfiber cloth on the inside of the dock.  If you are using our microfiber cleaning round, you have an advantage as the finger slot provide precision cleaning through the center of the dock. With the finger slot, the oils from your hands will not touch the dock as you swipe to clean. If you are using another microfiber cleaning  cloth, we recommend folding your cloth in half over your fingers to mimic this.


3. Lastly, use your cleaning cloth around the external and backside opening of the dock. We recommend cleaning these sections last as extra handling is required  when cleaning the interior of the dock so you will get fingerprints!




1. Use the dry end of the cleaning cloth to wipe away the excess oil and debris. Use the dampened end for areas that need extra attention.


2. Use a dry cotton swab for the area  under the joy stick and buttons.


Ta-da! That's it - Check out how much dirt we picked up!


We recommend hand washing your microfiber cleaning cloth and letting it air dry after a couple of uses. Otherwise, store your cloth away for the next cleaning session.


To protect your system from dust collection, we also have vinyl dust covers that you can place over your system when not in use.




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