Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a padded dock cover made for Nintendo Switch?

 is a known issue that docking/undocking your Nintendo Switch can cause scratches on your screen. When purchasing a dock cover stitched by Active Patch, you purchase the confidence that your Nintendo Switch will stay protected with style.

What material are dock covers made of?

Our dock covers are constructed from the highest quality cotton fabrics on the market. After extensive testing, we have been able to find a unique cotton that provides both a strong barrier and slim profile between Nintendo Switch and the dock.

How easy is it to put on the dock cover?

Very easy. Our dock covers are designed to have a snug fit around the front panel of your Nintendo Switch dock so it doesn’t slip off when docking/undocking.

Can I use a tempered glass screen protector with this dock cover?

Absolutely! The fabric is thin enough to provide additional room for any style of screen protector.

Does the padded side of the dock cover go on the inside or outside of the dock?

The padded side goes on the outside of the dock to provide protection for the exterior of the dock. This also allows the option of using either a screen or tempered glass protector with our product while providing protection against the plastic dock from rubbing against your Nintendo Switch screen.

Can I wash the dock cover?

All dock covers can be washed EXCEPT custom dock covers although it's not necessary. If needed, we recommend hand in cold water and laying flat to dry to avoid any shrinkage. To remove wrinkles, use an iron on the medium heat. We are not responsible for any damages that have been caused by washing the dock cover. 

Is there a warranty with your product?

We offer a lifetime warranty for all covers purchased on our main website ( The lifetime warranty is limited to manufacturing and workmanship defects. Feel free to click the “Contact Us” button below if there are any questions or concerns.

Why are certain dock covers more expensive than others?

Pricing varies depending on how limited the item is.

Do you sell your dock covers anywhere else other than your website?

We sell our padded dock covers on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, however, our website has the most up-to-date listing of our products.


Where are the dock covers made?

Each dock cover is handmade in California (USA).

When will new designs be released?

New dock covers are released frequently, so stay tuned! If you have a specific design in mind, try purchasing a custom order.


What if I want to make changes to my order, have a problem, or another question/concern?

Click the “Contact Us” link below. If you need help with an existing order, as long as we haven’t processed your order we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I placed my order. How do I know when it ships?

We ship between 1-2 days after you place your order. Typically, tracking numbers take 24 hours to update after it ships. 

Is a packing slip included in my order in case I want to give this as a gift?

In efforts to save trees, we will not be including packing slips with your order. You will receive an email with your receipt and shipping details.


Are there any bulk order discounts?

Click the “Contact Us” link below for bulk orders inquiries and pricing.