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Slim Joy-Con Thumb Grips (6 pcs)

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Product Details

Each package includes 6 pcs / 3 pairs 

Slim, perfect fit that adds extra grip and comfort during game play

Effectively protects the Joy-Con thumb stick from abrasive wear and tear

Increases control and precision by adding secure grip

• Compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, Switch Lite, Pro-Controller

This item is not a replacement piece to the thumb stick cap

Use Instructions

Stretch each grip over the thumb sticks of the joy con. Grips should snap into place without slip.

Composition & Care

100% Silicone

To clean, wash with warm soap and water and pat dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great for the Switch and the Steam Deck if you're looking! Stay tight, good grip, not too much extra bulk to the thumbstick.

Julie Labelle

Slim Joy-Con Thumb Grips (6 pcs)